un Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMK Terbaru #bagian 2 @ griyachumaidi - Griyachumaidi.com

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMK Terbaru #bagian 2 @ griyachumaidi

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 12 SMK Terbaru #bagian 2, soal ini lanjutan dari soal bahasa inggris sebelumnya dan pada bagian ini adalah soal nomor 11 sampai dengan soal nomor  20

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11.  Women : Tell me more about your job
Men : Well, I protect and save people from fire
Women : it’s such a noble. You must be ....
 a. A bilionaire   
 b. A police officer
 c. A firefighter  
 d. A Fire Regulator
 e. An infantry soldier

12.  Teacher : Good morning student. Let’s start our lesson. Where is John?
Rudy : ... He called me, he got a traffic jam.
 a. He might be having breakfast
 b. He may forget the schedule
 c. He will probably come late
 d. He is in the car
 e. He is on the street

13.  Tourist : Excuse me, can you show me the way to buy marchandise?
Student : Well, the give shop over there at the corner of the street. ... you’ll see it in the       front of the nursery school.
 a. I’m sorry I don’t know
 b. It’s close in the afternoon
 c. There are two give shops around here
 d. Just walking along this street for two blocks
 e. It is quiet easy to find the give shop.

14.  The laudress unintentionally tore a silk blouse while she washed it this morning.
 a. laudress
 b. unintentionally
 c.  tore
 d. silk blouse
 e. washed
15.  Mr. Bloomfield’s ID card, whom you found yesterday, is in the filing cabinet.
 a. whom
 b. found
 c.  is
 d. in
 e. the filing cabinet.

16.  If the hotel servise is good, the visitor would not complain.
 a. the
 b. good
 c. visitor would not complain.
 d. would not
 e. complain

17.  Mrs. Susanti will take the last flight to Jakarta this afternoon because she miss the morning flight
 a. will
 b. flight
 c. because
 d. miss
 e. morning

18.  Sucessful candidates will be invite for the interview soon as we complete our report
 a. candidates
 b. invite
 c. soon
 d. complete
 e. our

19.  My cousins have visited the museum a few days ago and they will see the temples next Sunday
 a. My cousins
 b. have visited
 c. a few
 d. will see
 e. next Sunday

20.  The news which were broadcasting on TV last night was shocking.
 a. which
 b. were
 c. on
 d. was
 e. shocking.

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